2013-2014 Leadership Team

Executive Leadership

Brandon Murphy - Chief and Executive Director

Currently a senior at the University of Arizona, Brandon is no stranger to EMS, and Fire/Rescue. He obtained his EMT and Firefighter certifications when he was 17 years-old in his home state, New Jersey, and has been riding on an ambulance ever since. When he arrived at the UofA as a freshman, himself, along with Melissa Ludgate and Justin Friedenthal realized the only thing the campus was missing was a student-run collegiate EMS service. Together, the team set the foundation for what is currently known as University EMS, one of only two collegiate EMS providers in the State of Arizona. Brandon is currently Director and Chief of the organization, until he passes the reigns upon a May 2014 graduation. During breaks and visits back home, he works as an EMT-B with the Clinton First Aid and Rescue Squad, and is also a volunteer with the Lebanon Fire Company and Whitehouse Rescue Squad. Brandon is also the Central Region Water Safety Supervisor for the State of New Jersey, where he supervises lifeguards and operations at three state operated beaches. 

Joseph Menke - Assistant Chief

Joey is currently a senior at the University of Arizona, and will be graduating with a BS degree in Public Health – Occupational Health & Safety in May of 2014.  He has been an EMT since spring of 2010 after obtaining his certification his senior year of high school.  While not in school he works as an EMT for a waterpark up in Phoenix, AZ during the summer.  Joey became involved with University Emergency Medical Services in the fall of 2011.  He has filled the role of various positions in the organization, each with growing responsibility, from Captain of Personnel to Deputy Chief of Personnel, and finally to his current role as Assistant Chief of University Emergency Medical Services.  Joey’s future plans include obtaining a Master’s of Public Health from the University of Arizona in Industrial Hygiene, and ultimately becoming a Physician Assistant.

Matthew Darrow - Deputy Chief 

Matt is a graduate student at The University of Arizona who has worked many years as an emergency medical technician (EMT) in Phoenix, Arizona. He has completed a Physiology major and obtained a Bachelor of Science in Health Science from the University of Arizona College of Medicine with a minor in American History in May 2012 with his ultimate goal of becoming an Emergency Room Physician. 

Matt was awarded by peers and College of Medicine faculty the prestigious Physiology Wildcat Award from The University of Arizona College of Medicine which is presented to a graduating senior who has overcome significant obstacles or hardships on the road to a successful graduation. 

In addition to academics, he was an instrumental member in the establishment of The University Emergency Medical Services (UEMS). As a founding Chief of Training he has set forth all training standard operating procedures and implemented various EMS training models for the organizations responders. Matt currently holds the position of Deputy Chief of EMS Operations. Being in these leadership roles he has gained valuable experience in managing public health situations among the University’s community and has contributed many real world experiences to the organization’s responders including his experience providing aide during the mists of Hurricane Katrina.


Philip Stensrud - Captain of Training

Phil has been a certified EMT since 2010 and has been a member of University EMS since the spring of 2012. He has his BA in Psychology and is currently in his last semester of nursing school to acquire his BS in  Nursing.  Phil strives to continually better his skills and to help those around him become better emergency medicine personnel. Some of his hobbies include running, playing video games, practicing martial arts (purple belt in Hapkido), computer building and coding, participating in feats of endurance (Tough Mudder, Spartan Sprint), fanatically watching Wildcat basketball, target shooting, and kicking back to watch some premium television shows. And yes, he does have a tattoo of the Triforce. 

Stephen Karp - Captain of Training

Stephen is currently studying as a graduate student at the University of Arizona in Public Health and possesses Bachelor degrees in Physiology and Psychology with minors in Biology, Chemistry, and Business Administration. Stephen works in the departments of Neurology at UAMC as a clinical assistant and Emergency Medicine at TMC as a scribe and is currently applying to medical school with the intention of practicing for the United States Air Force. Stephen has been a member of University EMS since fall of 2011 and was promoted to Captain of Training in the Spring of 2013.

Nicholas Wright - Captain of Personnel

Nick left Phoenix to pursue a BS in Physiology at the University of Arizona in 2011 with the intention of going to medical school. He joined University EMS a year later as a first responder, eventually getting his EMT-B certification in the summer of 2013 at Phoenix Community College. Nick was promoted to Captain of Personnel in the spring of 2014. His hobbies include playing video games, working on computers, and playing guitar and bass. Nick spends his summers in Phoenix, volunteering for Banner Good Samaritan Medical Center and Hospice of the Valley.

Zachary Saxman - Captain of Fleet Services

Originally from Northern Arizona, Zach came to the University of Arizona in August of 2010. He is currently a Molecular and Cellular Biology (BS) and Physiology (BHS) major and plans to pursue a career in medicine while going through the Air Force Health Professions program. He joined University EMS in January of 2012 as a First Responder and successfully completed his Arizona State and National EMT training in May of 2012. In February of 2013 he was named Captain of Fleet Services and is looking forward to serving the community and the  organization in the years to come.

Taran Santiago - Captain of Auxiliary Support

Taran began his career as a member of the Naval Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps cadet and Carson City Sheriff’s Office Explorer out of Carson City, Nevada in 2005 and 2006 respectively. During his tenure in these organizations, he served as the Battalion Executive Officer and Explorer Post 109 Captain from 2009 to 2010. In August of 2010, he joined the University of Arizona as a student and a member of the Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps as a Marine Midshipman. In January of 2011, he began his work with the University of Arizona Police Department as a Community Service Officer, and was subsequently hired on as a Police Aide for UAPD later that year. Taran joined University Emergency Medical Services organization in November of 2012 as a first responder and obtained his Emergency Medical Technician certification in August of 2013. In September, 2013, Taran was promoted to Captain of Auxiliary Support and EMS Events. 


Dovile Klisauskaite - Continuing Quality Inspection Officer

Dovile is currently a sophomore at the University of Arizona pursuing a BS in Nursing with the intent of becoming a flight nurse. She fell in love with EMS the minute the concept was introduced to her and completed her NREMT during her senior year of high school. Being from the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, she has learned different ways of EMS operation and management while working with Grand County EMS ever since.  Dovile is responsible for Quality Assurance for UEMS which promotes improvement in EMT skills and patient care before, during, and after calls. 

Jennifer Evans - Personnel Officer

Jen is a junior studying physiology. She has been committed to volunteering for many years and was pleased to combine this with her passion for medicine when she joined University EMS in the fall of 2012 as a first responder. Jen became certified as an EMT in the summer of 2013 and returned to UEMS in this new capacity. Since winter of 2013, Jen has been the Assistant Scheduling Manager for University EMS. Outside of the organization Jen has put in over 250 hours shadowing emergency physicians and designed and executed a research project while she was interning at a healthcare facility in Israel. She is happy to have this opportunity to serve her community and is committed to giving the highest quality of care.