2015-2016 Leadership Team

Executive Leadership

Zachary Saxman - Chief and Executive Director

Originally from Northern Arizona, Zach came to the University of Arizona in August of 2010. He is currently a Molecular and Cellular Biology (BS) and Physiology (BHS) major and plans to pursue a career in medicine while going through the Air Force Health Professions program. He joined University EMS in January of 2012 as a First Responder and successfully completed his Arizona State and National EMT training in May of 2012. In February of 2013 he was named Captain of Fleet Services and served in that position until May of 2014 when he was promoted to Deputy Chief of EMS Operations. In January 2015, Zach was promoted to Assistant Chief where he served until he was promoted to the Chief and Executive Director of UEMS in May 2015. He is looking forward to serving the community and the  organization in the year to come.

Logan Ternes - Assistant Chief

Logan is currently a Junior at UofA pursuing his bachelor’s degree in Physiology with the intent of going to medical school thereafter. He has been an EMT since 2013 and soon joined UEMS following his certification. After being a general member for some time, he was promoted to Captain of Fleet Services. Logan was in charge of all UEMS inventory, response vehicles, and response stations that the crews use on a daily basis. In May 2015, he was promoted to the Assistant Chief, where he oversees financial and other operational duties. He looks forward to helping the campus community and the next steps to come from the organization.

Nicole Taylor - Deputy Chief

A Tucsonan born and raised, Nikki came to the University of Arizona in the Fall of 2015.  She is currently majoring in Biological Anthropology with an emphasis in Human Biology and a minor in Physiology.  Her plan is to attend nursing school and become a flight nurse.  Nikki joined University EMS in February of 2014 as a First Responder with no previous patient care experience.  She earned her EMT certification in the summer of 2014 and became a Shift Supervisor the following November after her exmplarly performance in the field and in traing.  In the spring of 2015 Nikki began working as a chief-level understudy and was named the Deputy Chief of Operations for the 2015-2016 school year.  She was also awarded the title of 2015 EMS Provider of the Year for University EMS and is excited to continue serving the University of Arizona in the coming year.​

Matthew Darrow - Executive Advisor

Matt was awarded by peers and College of Medicine faculty the prestigious Physiology Wildcat Award from The University of Arizona College of Medicine which is presented to a graduating senior who has overcome significant obstacles or hardships on the road to a successful graduation. 

In addition to academics, he was an instrumental member in the establishment of The University Emergency Medical Services (UEMS). As a founding Chief of Training he has set forth all training standard operating procedures and implemented various EMS training models for the organizations responders. Matt currently holds the position of Executive Adviser. Being in these leadership roles he has gained valuable experience in managing public health situations among the University’s community and has contributed many real world experiences to the organization’s responders including his experience providing aide during the mists of Hurricane Katrina.


William Chapman - Training and Preparedness Specialist

William is a current staff member at The University of Arizona and has been involved in Public Safety his entire career. He obtained a Bachelor of Science in Public Administration from The University of Arizona’s School of Government and Public Policy in 2013 and has been with UEMS since its inception in the fall of 2011. He was promoted to Captain and assigned to the Training Section in June of 2014. In the Spring of 2015, William was assigned to the Training and Preparedness Specialist position, where he serves to ensure UEMS is ready for major events and critical care emergencies.

William started his career in 2006 while serving with the Ash Fork and Juniper Woods Fire Departments in Northern Arizona. In 2008 he was tasked with organizing an All Hazards Community Response Team consisting of members from three regional fire departments in Northern Arizona. He was assigned as the Operations Section Chief for the Team. 

In 2009, William took a position with The University of Arizona Police Department. He remains there today, working as a Communications Supervisor. In his free time, he enjoys serving as a Master Sergeant with the Arizona Rangers - Tucson Company.

Heather McHugh - Captain of Personnel

Heather became a certified EMT her senior year of high school. She came to the University of Arizona to pursue a BS in Physiology. She joined University EMS her freshman year, September 2012, as an EMT. Heather was promoted to the Continuous Quality Improvement and Infection Control Officer position in fall 2014. In May 2015, she was promoted to the Captain of Personnel. Her hobbies include hiking, camping, horseback riding, and playing with her dogs back home in Surprise, Arizona. She spends her summers at home in Surprise and traveling to visit family in Nevada. 

Taylor Marques - Captain of Training

Taylor is a Junior at the University of Arizona pursuing a degree in Care, Health and Society.  Originally from Rhode Island, he has called Tucson home for most of his life.  Taylor became an EMT in 2012 with the hopes to join a fire department but plans to finish his degree before starting a career in the fire service.  He has been with UEMS since September 2014 and accepted promotion to Field Training Officer and Supervisor in April 2015.  In August 2015 he was promoted to the Captain of Training and hopes to use his knowledge and skill set to prepare UEMS responders for any situation.  He looks forward to helping UEMS grow as a national standard for collegiate emergency medical services.

Hailey Blunt - Captain of Logisitics

Hailey is currently a junior at the University of Arizona pursuing a BS in Physiology with minors in Spanish and Biochemistry. She has always had a passion for medicine and plans to go onto a Physician’s Assistant program after graduating from the U of A. Hailey obtained her EMT certification from Paradise Valley Community College in the summer of 2014 with hopes of gaining hands on medical experience. She was hired by University EMS in September of 2014 and promoted to Field Training Officer and Shift Supervisor in August of 2015. Due to her work ethic and proven realiability, Hailey was quickly promoted to Captain of Logistics in September 2015. Aside from University EMS, she works at Carondelet St. Mary’s as a sitter.  Hailey is committed to training members to provide the best possible care and looks forward to seeing UEMS grow in the future.​


Adam Gross - CQI Officer

Adam became a certified EMT at the end of hisfirst year of college. He decided to get his certification when he realized he had a passion to help people, especially in a medical aspect. Adam is originally from the Metro Detroit area in Michigan but decided to come to school in Arizona as he fell in love with the campus, and then the community. Adam started as a Psychology major and then switched to Physiology.  He joined University EMS in the beginning of his Sophomore year and was promoted to his current position of CQI and Infection Control Officer at the end of that year. He enjoys playing ultimate frisbee and life guarding. During the summers Adam works for a traditional overnight summer camp in Northern Michigan where he works on the waterfront and teaches other various classes.

Samantha Roberts - Personnel Officer

Samantha became a certified EMT at the end of her senior year of high school. Originally from Connecticut, she came to the University of Arizona to pursue a Dual Degree BS in Neuroscience and Cognitive Science and Physiology. Her plan is to attend medical school to become a Pediatric Emergency Physician. Samantha joined University EMS her freshman year, September 2014, and was promoted to her current position of Personnel Officer in April 2014. She was recently promoted to shift supervisor in September 2014. Samantha is employed as a PCT at Banner University Medical Center in the Emergency Department and as a Research Assistant in the Department of Psychiatry. She looks forward to serving the community and helping UEMS grow in the coming years.

Kathleen Murphy - Logistics Officer

Kathleen is currently a Sophmore at the University of Arizona pursuing a BS degree in Physiology and plans to attend medical school in order to become an emergency trauma physician. Kathleen joined UEMS in February of 2015 as an EMT and was promoted to Field Training Officer in the August of 2015.  In October, Kathleen was promoted to Logistics Officer, where she assists our Captain of Logistics with promoting University EMS, and establishing supply control and fleet services. She looks forward to helping the agency grow while providing high quality care to the community.

Rene Moran - Training Officer

Rene was born and raised in a small border town known as Douglas, Arizona. Rene obtained his Associates degree and EMT certification at Cochise College before transferring to the University of Arizona in the fall of 2014. He is currently a senior majoring in Criminal Justice with a minor in Psychology in hopes to pursue a career in law enforcement. Rene became a member of UEMS in the Spring of  2015 and was later promoted to a Field Training Officer in the fall. He looks forward to this upcoming year with UEMS and is happy to serve the campus community.