Who We Are


The University of Arizona Emergency Medical Services (UAEMS) serves the University of Arizona campus and its students, staff, and visitors. Operations currently run 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


UAEMS operations are based out of our 7th St campus EMS station where our crews receive 9-1-1 call information from the City Communications Center. On scene we provide high quality emergency medical care at the EMT level until Tucson Fire Department arrives on scene to provide a higher level of care (ALS). 


We respond primarily in an EMS equipped rescue truck and reserve multiple utility vehicles for special event response. The organization has members pursuing a variety of degree programs ranging from Physiology and Nutrition, to Education and Communications. All units that respond to medical emergencies on campus consist of Arizona Certified Emergency Medical Technicians.


Beyond our 911 services, University of Arizona EMS staffs many university and community events on the main campus and at the Arizona Health Sciences Center. When staffing standby events, all of our members go through specialty training provided by our own UAEMS Training Department. The in depth training ensures that our members are able to respond to calls safely and efficiently at all times, while being extensively trained in crowd maneuvering and events involving multiple patients. UAEMS holds continuing education courses and mock drills weekly to keep our members up to date and refreshed on current protocols.