University of Arizona EMS Scholarship  Opportunities

                          First Responder Scholarship Guidelines


Eligible applicants must plan to attend an Arizona-approved EMT Basic certification program.


  • Upon acceptance to the scholarship program, the recipient will become employed as a probationary member of University of Arizona EMS.

  • Recipients must maintain current, active UAEMS membership status for the duration of the course of study and for 12 months post-education in order to access scholarship funds.

  • Awards shall be made payable to an educational entity in the name of the scholarship recipient. The institution must submit an invoice to University of Arizona EMS for payment.

  • Recipient must begin the educational program and begin accessing the scholarship in the term for which the award is granted.

  • Awards made to applicants currently attending EMT-B programs may be eligible to receive tuition reimbursement pending sufficient documentation. EMT Scholarships are not awarded for coursework already taken. The student must have applied or actively be enrolled for current or future classes at the time the scholarships are awarded and paid.

  • Recipient must maintain passing grades and remain in good standing in both the EMT program and the University of Arizona throughout the course of study and employment with University of Arizona EMS. Recipient may be asked to submit grades and/or transcripts prior to scholarship payment.

  • Recipients of EMT scholarships must seek certification by testing upon completion of their educational program.

  • Recipient who withdraws or discontinues the educational program prior to completion for reasons within his or her control (i.e. dropping the course, academic dismissal, etc.) must immediately refund scholarship funds. No refund will be required for recipient who is unable to continue in the EMS program for reasons beyond their control. Proof of reasons for program termination will be required.

  • If the recipient does not complete the program, he or she will be expected to return the award so that it may be allocated to another applicant.

  • Recipient must sign a contract agreeing to these scholarship guidelines.


Scholarship Awards:

Selection of recipients will be made without discrimination as to race, sex, creed, or national origin. Awards will be based on the following structure:

• EMT-B program – Payment of program fees up to $1,000.

Scholarship awards will be based on merit, financial need, dedication to the profession, and dedication to the campus community.  

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