Joining University of Arizona EMS 


Are you interested in joining University of Arizona EMS?


We hire UArizona undergraduate and graduate students who are interested in healthcare and serving their campus community. Applicants with greater than two semesters remaining are given preference. Members of UAEMS are expected to provide 30 hours of volunteer medical services each month.


An applicant must already be a Nationally Registered and Arizona state-certified EMT. Once certified, click the link below to find our online application. We accept EMT applications year-round and review them twice per year, in August and January. Apply at any time for consideration in the next immediate hiring period. 

The applications for the Spring 2022 semester are now closed. Please check for information regarding the Fall 2022 semester.


Once the online application is completed, a member of our leadership team will contact the applicant with additional information regarding the interview process. 

Volunteering with UAEMS provides hands-on experience in healthcare and helps build knowledge of emergency care. In addition, there is little that compares to the satisfaction of serving your collegiate community as a first responder.


Thank you for your interest in UAEMS!

If you already have an NREMT certification or out-of-state EMT and above license, click here to get your Arizona certification.